Tung Ping Chau

Yes, I am still in Hong Kong. My overall goal this semester was to walk the paths that’s rarely stepped on by many while I am here. Tung Ping Chau is definitely one of these locations. The crescent shape island is Hong Kong’s northeastern most and it is filled with gorgeous sedimentary rock formations.

I had the pleasure to explore this whole island with my friend, Eileen. With our canons hanging from our shoulders, we were definitely ready for an island exploration. The 6 km perimeter of the island would take at least 2.5 hours to conquer. If you take lots of photos and a couple of…sit down and enjoy the view… breaks, then it will probably take about 3-3.5 hours. After walking around, stop by one of the beaches on the north side of the island and get some coral action before the boat arrives to take you back. There are several coral areas in Tung Ping Chau and I was able to dive into the water and see some. There’s lots of fishes swimming around and I saw several Dorys keeping on swimming. What a wonderful way to spend a whole day.

If you are in Hong Kong for about a week or so, definitely hit up Tung Ping Chau. Come on the rock formations are so unique that it is called Ping Chau formation. You can also see Mainland China from the island. If my words does not validate your reason to visit, then I will let the photographs that will be at the bottom persuade you. Before i let you see the pictures, let me give you directions on how to get there.

The ferry service runs from Ma Liu Shui Pier to Tung Ping Chau Pier only on Saturdays and Sundays. Take the East Rail Line MTR (KCR) to University Station then head towards Ma Liu Shui, which is exit B then follow signs. It is about a 15 minute walk. The ferry leaves @ 9  am and 3:30 pm for the island. The cost is 90 hkd round trip. The departure of the ferry from the island is 5:15 pm. The ferry ride is 1.5-2 hours.

The scenery is definitely awemazing but I think my next exploration will also take some breaths away. I will be going to Guilin, Yangshuo and Long Ji for Easter break and I am super excited for this. It will be my first time leaving Hong Kong since I set foot on this beautiful Special Administration Region.

Cheers and Enjoy the pics!


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